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The complete production from felting to the final product is made in Germany, near Hamburg.


Our felt is something special; through an own developed process, initially developed for industrial mashines, we can play with our graphic ideas, for which the designer behind Grotkop Collection received two textile awards.


We take the finest merino wool for our handmade felt, which is eco friendly dyed, following ├ľko-Tex Standard 100. A natural caracteristic of this fibre can be pilling. To take good care of your prescious product and let the felt look like new, pls use a shaver or sissors to remove the pills. By pulling the pills you only will get more pills. Normally you only need one or two time shaving to get a closed wool surface for a long living time of your product.


Next to our felt, we carefully select only high quality materials to finish our products and trying to be as concious as possible about the sources at the same time. For the nature coloured leather bags we are using vegetable tanned leather, which is especially ecologically tanned and as pure as possible. This is marked in the product descriptions. Our leather is mainly from European as well as from German animals with certificate, however, all leathers used are dyed and tanned according to European standards. Leather from India, is directly imported by our leather supplier, so we know where it is coming from and the trading chain is short.

We try to avoid scars and little marks at obvious parts of the product, however, sometimes this can not be avoided and is a natural characteristic of leather. Therefore, every piece has an individual look.