Photo by Ilya Savenok, Model Valerie Ehimhen, Show by Flying Solo, Styling by Stasi Brezovskaya & Alina Kotsiubka






Grotkop Collection at New York Fashion Week!

Focus of the collection is the signiture, handmade felted coats and sweatshirts made from the finest merinowool. In combination you will find GOTS certified t-shirts, organic cotton pieces, sustainable, fluent and soft cupro, vegetable tanned accessories and a short puffa bodywarmer filled with a synthetic fibre made out of natural corn.


In case there is a product sold out you wish to order, pls write an e-mail to me.



GROTKOP COLLECTION stands for a combination of design and craftsmanship. The collection idea is focusing on felted fashion pieces and leather goods with a sophisticated, feminine and clean touch.

Only carefully selected, high quality materials are used to finish the products of GROTKOP COLLECTION, trying to be as concious as possible about the sources at the same time.

Handmade in the north of Germany